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Montréal Is Different.  So Are Our Tours.  Let Us Show You Around.

Bonjour! I'm Thom and I'm the founder of Tours Montréal.  As a dedicated professional Tour Guide, I'm  privileged to be able to welcome visitors from all over the world and connect them with Montréal thanks to my tours, my speeches and my videos.  

My goal is to connect you with the uniqueness of Montréal.   This is a city that marches to the beat of its own drum, and so do my tour experiences.  I want to explore why Montréal is the way that it is.  On every tour, whether it's a Quickie Tour or a Deep Tour, I seek to answer this question:

What makes Montréal Montréal?

The answer lies in the history, the food, the languages, the cultures, the geography, the politics, the architecture, the climate and so much more!  My tours are made up of small groups.  The vibe is fun, quirky, honest and personal.  I know you'll leave the tour feeling like you've made a connection to this great city.  Let me show you around!

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